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Sibo - The brand of choice for leading engineers around the world.

Shanghai Sibo M&E Co., Ltd
Shanghai Sibo M&E Co., Ltd
Shanghai Sibo M&E Co., Ltd
Shanghai Sibo M&E Co., Ltd
Shanghai Sibo M&E Co., Ltd

Shanghai Sibo M&E Co., Ltd

Designated brand for many engineers around the world

Established in 1995, SHANGHAI SIBO M&E CO.,LTD is a multifaceted enterprise specializing in production, agency, complete sets, technical services and import & export. SIBO has more than 28 years of experience with research and development of potentiometers, sensors and joysticks, and has received quality management certification ISO9001. SIBO is further recognized as Shanghai High Tech Enterprise, Shanghai "Specialized and Innovative" Enterprise, Shanghai SMS Enterprise, Shanghai Class AAA Contract Credit Enterprise and repeatedly as Shanghai Advanced Private Enterprise.

As a professional sensor manufacturer over the last two decades, SIBO has built many brands, such as SENTOP, Rotory Hall, HALLENCODOR, LINEARHALL etc. Meanwhile, SIBO is fully responsible for the selection of Japanese SAKAE brand and German MEGATRON brand products in the Asia Pacific region, the R&D and manufacturing of customized products or specifications, technical support, sales promotion, after-sales services etc. SIBO's product portfolio encompasses wire wound potentiometers, conductive plastic potentiometers, linear displacement potentiometers (sensors), signal communication modules, levers, pedals, pull wire sensors, and tilt sensors. We have notably won several patents with our third-generation precision potentiometers, non-contact precision potentiometers (also known as contactless potentiometers, including non-contact potentiometers and non-contact encoders).

SIBO’s workshop in Shanghai spans over 2000 square meters, and owns more than 100 patents including software copyright and technical certifications. We have an excellent R&D technical team composed of postgraduates and industrial experts, with strong technical strength and rich experiences in product R&D. We focus on product development and innovation, and are committed to providing customers with high-quality products and complete solutions. We guarantee our product quality through rigorous testing with our self-developed equipment.

SIBO has production bases, branches and agency partners in mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Europe, the United States etc. We attach great importance to establishing partnership with high-quality customer groups. We always advocate "honest sales", adheres to the belief of "focusing on process and quality", and pays attention to professional technical support. Product quality, purchase guarantee and after-sales service are the constant guarantees that SIBO will keep. SIBO will continue to growth with new and old customers and strive for excellence.

  • 28+

    Established in Jan 1995

  • 1000+

    1000+ products

  • 6000+

    6000+ high-quality customers

  • 100+

    100+ patents

  • ISO9001

    Recognized the ISO9001 certification