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【Sibo lecture 11】Absolute Encoders


【Sibo lecture 11】Absolute Encoders(图1)

An encoder is a sensing device that provides feedback. The encoder converts motion into electrical signals that can be read by some type of control device in the motion control system, such as a counter or PLC. The encoder sends feedback signals that can be used to determine position, count, speed, or direction. The control device can use this information to send commands for specific functions. Encoders can be divided into incremental encoders and absolute encoders based on the type of signal output. Today, we focus on introducing absolute value encoders.

01 Principle of absolute value encoder


The absolute value encoder has a corresponding unique output value at each position of a circle. Therefore, the output of the absolute value encoder can directly reflect the absolute angle within 360 °. Since the absolute value encoder is encoded by mechanical position determination, it does not require memory or searching for reference points, and data will not be lost due to power failure. The position code can be obtained by reading the encoder at the desired time. High data reliability.

02 Application fields of absolute value encoders


Absolute value encoders are an ideal choice for security and stability systems, which can be reliably used in systems that require accurate location information, and can reliably record location changes in the event of a power outage. Therefore, it is often used in areas where location detection is required, such as:

1. The field of industrial automation, such as machine tools, industrial robots, automated production lines, etc;

2. Electric tools, electronic equipment, and other equipment that require accurate measurement of rotational position;

3. Control systems for vehicles such as automobiles and airplanes;

4. High precision measurement fields such as medical equipment and instruments.

03 Sibo's absolute value encoder products

【Sibo lecture 11】Absolute Encoders(图4)

Sibo's encoder products are all magnetic encoders. Compared to traditional optical encoders, it has the advantages of small size, high durability, wide versatility, and high cost performance. If you want to further understand the detailed parameters of the encoder, you can reply to the encoder model on the official account to obtain detailed sample information.

1. Conventional absolute value single turn encoder

Sibo's absolute value encoders have conventional EBS36A, EBS40A-S1, and EBS40A-S2 outputs that are MODBUS bus type;

2. Blind hole type absolute value single turn encoder

The blind hole type EBS40B-F1 is also a MODBUS bus type output;

3. Absolute value multi turn encoder

In addition to the above single turn absolute value encoders, Sibo also has several absolute value multi turn encoders, EAM30A and EBM30A, which have 30/60/80 turn travel options and have a special function of zeroing at any position. EAM30A is a SSI differential signal output and EBM30A is a bus output; Click to jump to>>New Product Recommendation - EAM30&EBM30 Series Absolute Multi Turn Encoder!

【Sibo lecture 11】Absolute Encoders(图5)

4. Heavy-duty absolute multi turn encoder

The EAMD58A and EBMD58A encoders can choose from single or multiple turns of travel, providing high protection, heavy load, and antimagnetic interference performance.


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