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R30M multi-turn contactless magnetic potentiometer



1. R30M absolute multi-turn contactless potentiometer

2. Can meet your requirements for multi-turn products:  Absolute multi-turn type: 30/60/80 turns

3. Can meet your high precision requirements: Linear accuracy ±0.3%

4. No signal blind zone throughout the stroke

5. Long life expectancy: Up to 50,000,000 times

6. Easily cope with various harsh operating environments: Hard shell, good electromagnetic shielding performance

7. Fast wiring can be realized: Adopt plug-in connection method

8. No need to find zero point during installation, convenient for on-site installation and commissioning: Zero point position and full scale position can be set at any point

9. Suitable for your back-end system, such as PLC control system: Standard analog signal output: 0~10V, 0~5V, 4~20mA, Multiple analog working voltages and output signals are optional, PWM is optional

10. Signal output diversification: SSI, RS485, CAN

11. Maximize the avoidance of product damage caused by human wiring errors: With reverse connection protection device

12. Easy to connect with the mechanical structure of your system: Multiple special shaft types are optional: special shaft length, special shaft diameter or special processing on the shaft (milling plane, slotting, end hole punching, side hole punching, etc.).

13. Widely used industries: Machine tool equipment, industrial robots, instruments and meters, intelligent warehousing, textile machinery, medical equipment and so on.


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